Code of Conduct




Fairfield Elementary School

Code of Behaviour


The Code of Behaviour for Fairfield Elementary School sets out the standards of behaviour which are expected of all members of the school community in order to create a positive culture in the school.  At Fairfield Elementary School, students are encouraged to become involved positively in school life. 

Respect for Self - Respect for Others - Respect for Our School

We have high expectations of all students and we truly believe that they can achieve them!

Fairfield Elementary is “Where Falcons Fly!”

The purpose of this code of behaviour is:

  • to ensure that all members of the school community are treated with respect and dignity
  • to develop and promote a caring community of learners
  • to maintain an environment where conflict and difference can be addressed in a manner characterized by respect and civility
  • to encourage school spirit and pride in our school
  • to ensure the safety of people in the school
  • to develop a culture of respect, acceptance and academic excellence

Students are to comply with the behaviour expectations while at school, at a school-related activity, or in other circumstances where engaging in the activity will have an impact on the school climate.

Respect for Self

Falcons will...

  • Demonstrate honesty and integrity
  • Complete all homework and classroom assignments as assigned
  • Come to class prepared to learn and participate constructively
  • Maintain regular attendance and be punctual
  • Dress in an appropriate manner
  • Demonstrate academic effort and honesty

Respect for Others

Falcons will...

  • Demonstrate respect for all members of the school community
  • Use appropriate language at all times
  • Show care and regard for others property
  • Refrain from bullying and intimidation
  • Not be in possession of weapons, alcohol or drugs
  • Keep hands and feet to themselves at all times

Respect for our School

Falcons will...

  • Assist in keeping the school clean and in good repair
  • Refrain from any act of vandalism
  • Show school spirit and participation