Track & Field

Track & Field Day Thursday May 16, 2019
Posted on 05/14/2019

Thursday May 16th is the Fairfield Track and Field Meet!  The meet will take place all day in the Fairfield school yard.  Please ensure that your child is prepared for a day outdoors. 

 Some suggestions include:

  • sunscreen (please apply before school; can also be brought for reapplication by student
  • water bottle with name labelled on it
  • running shoes (including extra pair of shoes as field may be wet in some areas)
  • layers (i.e. sweater/pants that can be removed if too warm)
  • extra socks
  • hat
  • a hearty lunch

Spectators are welcome.  The schedule is similar to a day at a track and field meet where events are run throughout the day in a specific order, however, times of races and jumps are not assigned.  We will begin the track and field meet at 9:00 am and continue through the day, stopping for recesses and lunch between 10:25-11:10 and 12:50-1:35.  Thank you for remembering that pets, especially dogs, are not allowed on school property at any time.

Students in Grades 3 and older have the opportunity to 'qualify' for the Region 2 Track and Field Meet, as part of the Fairfield Track and Field Team.  Students in Grade 2 will participate in running events only and have a chance to see what a Track and Field day is all about! 

We are looking forward to an active and fun day outdoors!