Steer Clear of Drugs

Drug Awareness and Prevention Program for Grade 6
Posted on 10/22/2019

The Grade 6 Steer Clear of Drugs presentation by Kingston Partners for a Safe Community was an interactive hit! 

The afternoon included 9 different stations and students learned so many facts including about addiction (drugs - uses, doses, fatal types/amounts), gambling (video games, alcohol, caffeine, pop, chocolate bars), operating vehicles  or household appliances under an influence, criminal law and consequences to holding a criminal record, and related fire safety.

 At the beginning of the workshops, all schools in attendance were able to watch Denver the police-trained dog locate illegal substances. Denver received much applause!!

At the end of these sessions, two parent volunteers from Fairfield raced for the championship against other school teachers and one of the Fairfield dad's won! What a fun and informative experience for all.