Revised Guidelines for COVID-19 Screening

Revised Guidelines for COVID-19 Screening
Posted on 12/16/2020

KFL&A Public Health (KFLAPH) recently released revised local guidelines for symptomatic individuals due to increased community activity levels of COVID-19 in our region.

Students, families and school board staff should continue to use the COVID-19 School and Child Care Screening Tool each day before attending school or riding the school bus.

The screening tool is available online or via the KFLAPH printable/downloadable PDF.

What has changed is what to do next based on local direction from the Chief Medical Officer of Health. Please review the instructions depending on whether your student is experiencing Level 1 or Level 2 symptoms.

It is extremely important that everyone follow this new guidance to ensure we are limiting the spread of COVID-19 in our community to ensure our schools can remain open.

Thank you for your support.