Changes to Class Organization

Changes to Class Organization
Posted on 09/22/2020

At this time of year all schools work with the Limestone District School Board Staffing Committee to ensure that the number of students and class organizations across the District meet the Ministry of Education requirements for class size.  Each spring, schools are granted staff based on projected enrollment and in the first weeks of September, the numbers are reexamined to see if the projected number of students is close to the actual number. This year, for a number of reasons including some families choosing to engage in remote learning, Fairfield has fewer students in the school than we were projected to have.  This means that we will be required to re-organize our school with one less classroom.  As a result, we are losing Ms Katie Norman from our teaching staff for the year.  We wish Ms Norman well as she will be teaching at the Virtual School, and we hope to have Ms Norman back at Fairfield for September 2021.  Monsieur Wenkoff is also teaching at the Virtual School and we welcome Mr. Paul Allison as our Primary/Junior Core French teacher.

In order to ensure that our school organization meets the Ministry of Education guidelines, it will be necessary to move some students to other classrooms.  The reorganization will only affect some students in Grades 3 to 8.  Our JK to Grade 2 students are unaffected as students will not be changing classrooms.  The reorganization this Fall will eliminate some of our split grade classrooms as well.  The following changes to classes will take place later this week on Thursday September 24, 2020.

  • All JK/SK and Grade 1/2 classes will remain as is and there will be no changes to class placements
  • All Grade 3 students will be in Mrs. Zarzecki’s class
  • All Grade 4 students will be in Mrs. Beckstead’s class
  • All Grade 5 students will be in Ms Kennedy’s class (Ms Doherty is expected to return from maternity later in the Spring)
  • All Grade 6 students will be in Mrs. Sullivan’s class
  • Some grade 7 students from Mrs. Sullivan’s class will be moving to one of the Grade 7/8 classrooms and those families were contacted directly by phone today
  • Students currently in Mr. Anderson and Ms Scott’s classes will not be moving

Students will transition to their new classrooms for the last part of the day on Wednesday September 23rd, and will start back on Thursday, September 24th in their new classroom.  We are working on a smooth transition for all, while continuing to provide rich learning experiences in warm, inviting classrooms. We appreciate your ongoing support and understanding.