Parent Council

Parent Council Elections
Parent Council Elections September 20, 2023

Fairfield Elementary Parent Council Elections

September 20, 2023

Attendance: Dawn Carson, Shalise Stevenson, Erika McConnell, Alanna Murphy, Jennifer Howtng,

Martha Duncan, Alison Doherty, Dawn Diamond, Sasha Stewart, Heather Laming, Jenna Moore, Kris Sadowski, Rebecca Simkins, Kanika Passi.

Call to order at 6:01


No nominations came in advance.

  • Chair – Erika
  • Co-Chair – Shalise
  • Treasurer – Jenna
  • Secretary - Shalise
  • Indigenous Rep - open
  • Fundraiser Chair – Rebecca Simkins
  • Member at large – not required.

All positions were passed with no opposition.

Elections Adjourned at 6:34