Staffing Update

Tentative Staff Organization for Fall 2019
Posted on 06/14/2019
All schools in the Limestone District School Board are in the process of staffing and creating tentative classroom organizations for Fall 2019.  All staffing is tentative until at least the 3rd week of September.  Our tentative organization includes:

Kindergarten & Primary Division Educators:
Mrs. Pennell
Ms McIlroy
Mrs. Collins
Mrs. Zarzecki
Ms Provost
Ms Norman
Mrs. Check
Mrs. Dafnas

Junior & Intermediate Division Educators:
Mr. Anderson
Mrs. Beckstead
Mrs. Sullivan
Mr. Cheetham
Ms Doherty
Ms Scott

​French as a Second Language and Planning Time Educators:
​Madame Proud
Monsieur Wenkoff
Mr. Morley

Support staff decisions will not be finalized until into July.

We are looking forward to another great year at Fairfield ES!  Class list information will be available on the yard on the first day of school: Tuesday September 3rd at 8:40am.  All class lists and staffing organization are tentative until at least the 3rd week of September.