What Happens When It Rains?

Indoor Recess At Fairfield Elementary
Posted on 05/12/2019
We love going outside twice a day for recess breaks!  Students play wall ball, soccer, catch, use the climbers and slides, gather at the Buddy Benches, and walk around our large yard socializing with peers and making new friends.

From time to time we can't go outside due to inclement weather. In the winter we follow KFL&A Public Health temperature guidelines, but once the weather turns warmer we try to go outside even if it is sprinkling.  When it rains heavily we do stay inside.  So what do we do?

Students remain in their own classrooms with a variety of activities: building, drawing, playing games, using manipulatives, chatting with friends, writing in journals, reading good books, and sometimes playing in the gym when space permits.  Teachers sometimes use this time to check in with students, complete one-on-one assessments or read.

While we love being outside, being inside can be fun too!