Fairfield Kindness Week

Celebrating Kindness
February 25th - March 1st is Kindness Week at Fairfield Elementary.  Especially this week staff and students will be engaged in learning through the lens of kindness.  Rich mentor texts will be used to spark discussion and teachers will use the texts to teach different forms of reading, while learning about perspective, tolerance and perseverance.  

Wednesday is Kindness Day across the district with students and staff being encouraged to wear pink.  Wearing the colour pink has come to represent the importance of being kind no matter the circumstances or situation.

The "Kindness is Contagious" bulletin board is up in the foyer and students and staff have the opportunity to encourage kindness by recognizing it in others.  Check out the things that our students are saying is happening at Fairfield!

On Thursday our French teaching team have organized a student-led assembly with the theme of "love" which is one of the Seven Grandfather Teachings many classes are focussing on this month.

Regardless of the day or week, we all recognize that kindness counts!