Parent/Guardian Input Requested

Seeking Input From Parents/Guardians
Beginning in the Spring of 2019 Fairfield Elementary School would like to trial a slight change to the daily schedule. 

Beginning and end times of the day for supervision would remain the same with supervision beginning at 8:35am and dismissal at 3:15pm.  Each day would continue to have 300 minutes of instruction time.  The slight change would be two 40 minute breaks for recess and nutrition break rather than two 45 minute breaks.  These ten minutes would be tacked on to the beginning of the day entry period outside and the school day would begin at 8:55am (currently 8:45am).  This would allow for more equitable supervision for staff and enhanced supervision for students.

This suggested trial was discussed with the School Council at the recent meeting, and staff have also provided feedback.  Now it is your turn!  Any parents/guardians wishing further information or who have feedback are welcome to email the school at   We welcome your feedback, please by March 15th, 2019.