Special Events for the Holidays

Activities Leading Up To The Break
There is so much happening at Fairfield Elementary School leading up to the holidays.  Below is a quick guide to what is happening during the last two weeks before the break.  Although the events listed are school-wide, individual classes are engaged in a variety of activities.  We have had "special deliveries" to some classrooms of elves and gingerbread men and Globe Trot Scott as well as lots of hands-on activities, crafts and baking.  Fairfield is a great place to be!

Thursday December 13th - Gifts from Me

Friday December 14th - Ernestown Band Presentation
Friday December 14th - Pajama Day
Friday December 14th - Holiday singing in the gym

Monday December 17th - Holiday Hat Day
Monday December 17th - Concert Rehearsals

Tuesday December 18th - Concert at 9am - Families welcome
Tuesday December 18th - Concert at 1:45pm - Families welcome

Wednesday December 19th - Holiday Shirt/Sweater/Dress Day

Thursday December 20th - Concert for School Viewing

Friday December 21st - Red, Green & Glitter Day
Friday December 21st - Holiday Singing in the gym